Tiny Core Linux 4.1发布

On 2011年11月23日, in soft, by netoearth

Team Tiny Core is proud to announce the release of Tiny Core & Micro Core v4.1.

Change log since v4.0:

* Updated pcmciautils-018
* Updated sudo-1.7.7
* Updated freetype-2.4.7
* Updated imlib2-1.4.5
* Updated libpng-1.2.46
* Updated busybox to 1.19.3
* Updated tc-config new boot code pretce for raid and lvm support.
* Updated tc-config dropped default TZ=UTC as such default (UTC) is embedded with no need to set TCZ.
* Updated tc-config for better detection of /dev/rtc and handling of loadcpufreq.
* Updated tc-config for microcore without X.
* Updated tce-setdrive improved error handling.
* Updated tc-terminal-server for new kernel.
* Updated ab fixed OnDemand bug.
* Updated mnttool added -g option for user defined initial position when used in .xsession.
* Updated appbrowser improved screen dispay handling.
* Updated appsaudit Updates for base version check.
* Updated exittc for segfault when no env BACKUP encountered.
* Updated startx for microcore to allow noicons to trump the loading for wbar.tcz
* Updated version now supports options -c -l -s (check, long display, and short display).
* Updated udev rules to correct reported permission issues on usb devices.
* Updated select to accept input from stdin.
* Updated tc-functions getKeyEventDevice
* Updated rebuildfstab for better cdrom scanning and to eliminate boot errors.
* Updated filetool.sh, rc.shutdown, tc-restore.sh, filetool GUI, and exittc GUI;  backup_device moved to /etc/sysconfig.
* Updated filetool.sh for initial use of SAFE backup option.
* Updated tce-setup for microcore initial ondemand setup.
* Updated tce-setup for processing extensions on cd – new boot code ‘cde’
which results in scanning cd for additional extensions to load.
This should eliminate the cd boot errors and is used in new multicore.
* Applied optimization to shared libraries to reduce size.
* Added /etc/protocols to base.

Note: Microcore users need new wbar.tcz, Xprogs.tcz, and Xlibs.tcz which are now posted in the repository.

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