foobar2000 1.1.11 Beta 4发布

On 2012年01月24日, in soft, by netoearth

Foobar2000 是一个非常非常值得推荐的多媒体播放器,程序体积非常小巧,运行时只占有1.9M内存,5%左右的CPU资源,资源消费很小,界面朴素,没有Skin和其他多余的东西,简单就是一种美。

下载:foobar2000 1.1.11 Beta 4

  • Improved built-in crossfading functionality, new fading configuration in Preferences / Output.
    • Fading functionality available with built-in DirectSound mode only.
  • New .fb2k-component file type extension for foobar2000 component packages.
  • Fixed some potential security issues.
  • Added type-find in the default playlist view.
  • Added support for album art in APEv2 tags on MP3 files.
  • Fixed more WAV handling bugs.
  • Converter update – now you can restrict specific encoder to run in one thread only.
  • Experimental deadlock detection (beta 2)
    • After long periods of apparent UI unresponsiveness, the application will automatically terminate and produce a crash report.
  • Cleaned up advanced preferences for MP3 tagging (beta 2)
    • “Force preferred tagging scheme” option gone – use the “MP3 tag types” dialog to convert between different tag types.
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