Piwik 1.7发布

On 2012年02月16日, in soft, by netoearth

Piwik 1.7 is a major upgrade, bringing many new features, security fixes, performance improvements, and many bug fixes and smaller improvements!

We hope you enjoy Piwik 1.7 as much as we enjoyed working on it. Let us know your feedback or suggestions & thank you for spreading the word on your website / blog / twitter & to your friends!

View the blog post with screenshots of new 1.7 features

What’s new in Piwik 1.7?

  • New Web Analytics reports!
    • New Loyalty report “Number of visitors who visited the website 1 time, 2 times, etc.”
    • New Recency report “Last visit was 0 day ago, 1 day ago, 2 days ago, etc.”
    • For each Goal and for your Ecommerce analytics, two new reports: “Visits until conversion”, “Days until conversion”
  • Scheduled reports (PDF/HTML) & Image graph improvements
    • “All Websites” summary can now be included in the scheduled reports.
      You can now in 3 clicks receive a daily/weekly summary of ALL your websites analytics in your email box. Enjoy!
    • Email Reports now include Graphs by default for key metrics.
      For example you will automatically see a graph for all reports that plot metrics such as the “Visits overview” report or “Goal overview” report.
    • Possibility to include a graph before each table report in PDF/HTML reports (disabled by default)
    • New horizontal bar graphs that look very pretty and allow for better data visualization. These graphs are the default graphs used in Scheduled reports.
    • Graphs now support Unicode characters (chinese, arabic, hebrew, etc.) after you upload the unicode font.
  • Major Usability Improvements
    • On most graphs, you can now select the metric to plot. For example you can now plot Pageviews, Revenue or Conversion rate over the last 30 days.
    • You can even plot multiple metrics at once, for example you can compare Conversion rate and Revenue for all goals, or for a specific goal.
    • Dashboard: you can now change the Dashboard Layout to choose 2 columns, 4 columns, or 3 columns with the first one taking half of the width, etc.
      There are many layout options available for everyone to have the optimal analytics experience.
    • Dashboard: you can now “reset” the dashboard layout to the default selection of widgets.
    • In Visitors > Overview, Piwik used to report “Actions” which include all of Page views, Downloads and Clicks on external links.
      Starting in Piwik 1.7 you will now see the detail, ie. 3 different stats and sparklines for Page views, Downloads and Outlinks separately.
  • Performance improvements when tracking hundreds or thousands of websites in Piwik
    • New archive.php script, replacing the previous archive.sh, much more efficient and optimized
    • “All websites dashboard” used to fail to load when you track dozens or hundreds of websites. Now it should take a few seconds/less than a minute to load.
  • Piwik 1.7 also marks an important milestone in Piwik history: the highest number of developers contributing significant new features.
    The Piwik team is growing and you can participate!
  • Security
  • Many bug fixes and improvements, see the ticket list below for more details

This new version does not contain major database schema changes, so the update should be quite easy even if your Piwik DB is enormous.

After You Update

  • Please use the forums for support.
  • If you use the official Piwik Mobile app you may notice that the graphs look better and are more useful after you upgrade to Piwik 1.7
  • We appreciate if you can spread the word about Piwik on your twitter, blog, website, to your friends, at conferences, etc. Thank you!

New documentation and FAQs

Updated FAQs and docs

List of 99 tickets closed in this release

  • #2327     New optimized archive.php script for faster and optimized archiving when hundreds/thousands of websites
  • #1077     “All Websites dashboard” should load fast even when tracking hundreds of websites! MultiSites
  • #536     Add Loyalty report “Visitors who visited the website 1 time, 2 times, etc.”
  • #584     New Metric: visit count until conversion
  • #2031     Goal Tracking: New Report “Days to conversion/purchase”
  • #583     New report “Visitors Recency”, days since last visit
  • #2706     Display Graphs in scheduled Email reports (PDF / HTML)
  • #1454     Add sparklines and stat for Page views, Downloads and Outlinks separately
  • #1820     Graphs should display a SELECT to choose the metrics to plot (visits, pages, etc.)
  • #1559     Dashboard: Customize dashboard, allow to select number of columns and various widgets layouts
  • #2638     Dashboard: Allow to Reset dashboard to original widgets layout
  • #2704     Graphs should support Unicode characters & other improvements
  • #2828     Add “Horizontal Bar Graphs” for more efficient data visualization
  • #2475     Campaign tracking parameters should be also detected in the URL hash tag (fragment)
  • #2718     Group all Google search SSL unknown keywords under “Keyword not defined”
  • #2600     Email PDF/HTML reports: Add option to receive All websites dashboard report
  • #2840     Visitor Log: De-duplicate repeated page views
  • #2918     New setting force_ssl that will ensure that Piwik is only used over https SSL
  • #2902     Ensure that IP is anonymized before the heuristic is applied
  • #2837     Website selector should have link “All websites” all the time
  • #2740     Live.getLastVisitsDetails support for filter_limit=-1 (return all visits)
  • #2769     Truncation should handle UTF-8 (multi-byte encoding)
  • #2785     Regression: duplicated visits are created when IP is different every page view
  • #2721     Custom Variable with value zero 0 should be reported as 0 and not as “value not defined”
  • #2758     Adding segment to VisitorInterest.getNumberOfVisitsPerVisitDuration causes SQL constraint violation
  • #2728     Some days incorrectly show 0 zero visits when archiving was running the first second of the day
  • #2931     JS tracker: setCustomVariable does not work when the value is an int/float
  • #2929     Chrome: Too much time spent in unload handler.
  • #2924     PDF report: when a number is large, it is displayed in exp notation ie 1.46129e+06 instead of 1461290
  • #2925     Ecommerce API: some numbers have .0 where as others are rounded
  • #2934     Pre-minify jqplot library and plugins
  • #2922     Back button does not work when using Chrome browser
  • #2751     Forward &segment= parameter to all Dashboard Widgets
  • #2818     When a scheduled task fails, the archive.php should report the error
  • #2788     Static Graph: better graphs when date range period parameter
  • #2717     Error “unable to start session” instead of a proper error message
  • #2727     pageUrl segment does not work with =@ contains operator
  • #2815     Call to undefined method Piwik_DataTable_Array::getFirstRow
  • #2496     Support Page Visibility API to detect pre rendering requests and avoid over-counting page views
  • #2810     Refactor Multi Sites plugin to follow Piwik plugin conventions
  • #2903     BC breaking change third party cookie (optional, disabled by default)  name changes from “piwik_visitor” to “_pk_uid”
  • #2911     Chrome Mobile UA detection
  • #2005     CSV, TSV API exports should support ‘expanded’ parameter
  • #2784     Update favicon with transparent background
  • #2714     Improve CSV/TSV Export
  • #2792     Delete logs should have option to delete all logs
  • #2700     Add column “Total revenue” in Goal reports
  • #2826     Show current version when upgrade pending
  • #2835     SQLite3 support for tests/javascript
  • #2580     UsersManager and SitesManager – add and update hooks
  • #2868     Windows 8 detection
  • #2870     Add plugin hook to set/modify database connection info
  • #2871     Add plugin-specific config loader
  • #2787     When using Custom logo, do not write “Piwik” in the “From” name in Scheduled reports email
  • #2701     Security: Enable iframe buster on all pages, except Widgets
  • #2719     Error on “All websites” dashboard for “today” on 32 bit systems
  • #2729     Email Reports “Send Report now” should send report for the selected date
  • #2730     Graph widgets support to plot multiple columns
  • #2731     Disable mailto:tracking
  • #2761     Mail.ru search engine results encoding has changed
  • #2735     JSON encoding /decoding problems on older PHP versions
  • #2783     Piwik load balancer stale cache causes UI bug
  • #2586     more search engines treated as external sites
  • #2801     segment breaks sparklines in VisitsSummary
  • #2808     UserAgentParser does not detect Windows Mobile 7.5 “Mango”
  • #2795     One single campaign appearing twice in campaigns report
  • #2806     PHP 5.4.0RC3 compatibility
  • #2827     Users with ‘view’ access cannot change their email
  • #2748     Archiving fails when an invalid column is requested (VisitsSummary)
  • #2681     Internationalize i18n the Date format on page of Visitor details
  • #2804     Graph image cutoff first digits when Y axis has decimals
  • #2831     IndexedBySite will not get all data when asked for metrics from different reports
  • #2744     Visitor logs links to google should always link to the search result page
  • #2757     Ecommerce reports should be sorted by Total Revenue instead of visits
  • #2743     Ecommerce requires Custom Variables plugin, should check and enforce
  • #2845     javascript error on Goals page in IE 7 due to unexpected comma
  • #2847     piwik.js: setDoNotTrack() broken
  • #2866     document.title is overridden by element with id=title or name=title
  • #2824     Clean-up Windows Phone and Windows Mobile version detection
  • #2869     SEO ranking widget doesn’t show other sites’ ranking any more
  • #2875     unrecognized search engines
  • #2861     Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in Admin.php on line 55
  • #2577     Call to undefined function imagecreatefrompng when generating PDF
  • #2790     Guide on how to secure a Piwik server
  • #2887     When calendar is clicked before all widgets loaded, do not display “Oops…” message
  • #2894     Goals conversions by Server time wrong timezone conversion
  • #2904     Automatically remove URL parameters fb_comment_id and fb_xd_fragment
  • #2901     piwik cannot decode chinese keywords properly sometime from baidu.com
  • #2897     Ecommerce: Tracking multiple Product categories on an ecommerce page view does not work
  • #2736     Multiple orders made by the same visitor only show item details of the first order in Ecommerce log
  • #2755     Hide Custom Variables Product sku/name/category from Ecommerce Custom Variables report
  • #2912     When exporting data, the “search” filter should be maintained if it was set
  • #2873     Goal not attributed to campaign when triggered manually
  • #2844     CustomVariables.getCustomVariablesValuesFromNameId fails
  • #2816     API parameter filter_truncate should be applied recursively
  • #2696     Country not detected correctly in conversions in some cases
  • #2397     Update to jQuery 1.7.1 and jQueryUI 1.8.16
  • #1170     Faq: How do I “uninstall” piwik?
  • #2733     HTML Validation Errors in Image Tracking Code

Piwik ftw!

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