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That’s one small click for a developer, one giant leap for the performance community.

Opensourcing YSlow on GitHub

Please welcome YSlow into the open source world!

YSlow was created by Yahoo! and the extensions were released to the public for free since 2007. Yahoo! has maintained the source code for the last five years, encouraged by community feedback to make improvements to the code. We are now publishing the source code for YSlow under the BSD Open Source license. You are encouraged to use the source code, learn how it works, fork it to make your own projects and enhance it with new rules, features, and whatever will improve this tool we all love. Since YSlow is written entirely in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, contributions are easy to do.

The latest development version of YSlow is hosted on GitHub at github.com/marcelduran/yslow. If you are interested in contributing to YSlow, please fork the github.com/marcelduran/yslow repoand submit pull requests. Accepted pull requests will eventually be merged back by project leaderMarcel Duran into the stable version of YSlow at github.com/yahoo/yslow. Marcel is also responsible pushing new stable versions to the various browser extension galleries. You are of course free to fork the stable version for your own purposes, but please note that only pull requests against the development version will be accepted.

The performance community had been indirectly contributing through the Exceptional Performance Yahoo! discussion group providing valuable feedback. Issues will now be tracked with GitHub’s public issue tracking system, enabling the community to directly contribute to the project roadmap. From now on it’s up to you to help define priorities, fix bugs and enhance YSlow. Please fork the source code and start contributing right now!

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