Visual Studio 11 Beta 发布

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微软宣布于2月29日发布Visual Studio 11 Beta版和.NET Framework 4.5 Beta版,将为帮助跨部门团队更好的协作,更加高效快捷完成上述目标。Visual Studio 11,作为一个集成解决方案,适用于无论是个人或者各种规模的开发团队。Visual Studio 11实现了同事间的无缝协作,提高了生产效率与专注度,最终好的点子变成了优秀的现实应用。

Visual Studio 11 Beta 下载

Welcome to Visual Studio 11 Beta & .NET Framework 4.5 Beta!

Before installing this pre-release software, you should review the associated readme files for system requirements and a list of known issues:

Compatibility with previous releases

  • .NET 4.5 is an in-place update of .NET 4 and provides very high app compatibility for all .NET 4 scenarios
  • You can install and use Visual Studio 11 Beta alongside Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server Beta requires 64-bit versions of server operating systems when installing on Windows Server (see Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server Beta system requirements)

Upgrade paths

When following the supported upgrade paths, your Visual Studio source, solution, and project files will continue to work; however, you should expect to make some changes to sources. While we cannot guarantee binary compatibility between releases, we will do our best to document significant changes to assist you with updates.

  • Supported:
    • Upgrade from .NET 4.5 Developer Preview to Beta
    • Upgrade from .NET 4.5 Beta to Release (RTM)
    • Upgrade from Visual Studio 11 Beta & .NET 4.5 Beta to Release Candidate
    • Upgrade from Visual Studio 11 Release Candidate & .NET 4.5 Release Candidate to Release (RTM)
  • Not supported:
    • Upgrade from Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview to Beta; however, you can install Visual Studio 11 Beta after uninstalling Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview
    • Upgrade from Visual Studio 11 Beta to Release (RTM)


Note: For C++ desktop applications, redistribution of Microsoft Visual C++ files is not supported with Visual Studio 11 Beta, so static linking to the runtime is required.

Carrying assets forward

All data in Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Server Beta (work items, source files, tests and test results, builds, and warehouse data) will be carried forward when following supported upgrade paths. Even when following supported upgrade paths, you should take adequate measures to back up and protect your data prior to upgrading to a new release.

Getting support and reporting issues

  • MSDN Forums – To get support using this pre-release software Microsoft MVPs, product team members, and the community
  • Microsoft Connect – To report and track issues, search for issues reported by others, and to find possible answers

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