VMware Workstation 8.0.2发布

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First of all, VMware Workstation, since it’s version 8, it changed in many ways our working habits and scenarious. You can read my detailed post which describes all those new features here: VMware Workstation 8 new features detailed. Or you can have a look at this workarround and run “Nested” Hyper-V? In my article here: VMware Workstation 8 – how to run Hyper-V.

With the possibilities of sharing VMs across the LAN, VMware Workstation started to replace older VMware Server Installations. Now you’re able to share a VM on your desktop. This VM is then accessible through the LAN to your colleges and coworkers. Pretty cool.

Now the connection to your VMware vSphere infrastructure can be done through VMware Workstation 8. The VM which are prepared on a destop PC can be converted directly from withing the VMware Workstation 8 GUI.

In this release, what’s new and what’s fixed?

There are some new versions of guest Operating systems supported now in VMware Workstation 8.0.2:

  • Ubuntu 11.10 is supported as a host.
  • Fedora 16 is supported as a guest.
  • Many customer-reported issues have been resolved.
VMware Workstation 8.0.2 has been released

You can download Free Trial – a 30 days evaluation of VMware Workstation 8 here.
You can buy the full product here.
You can upgrade your existing VMware Workstation here.

There are still some non resolved issues. Like this one: On a Windows host, if you edit a permission, assign the Administrator role, and then immediately click Remove to delete the permission, the original permission still exists when you reopen the Permissions dialog box.
But still, With VMware Worsktation it was never easier to run Nested ESXi Hosts.

Exclusively, video from VMware. Installing Windows 8 consumer preview in VMware Workstation 8.

Enjoy.. -:)


Read more: http://www.vladan.fr/vmware-workstation-8-0-2-released/#ixzz1ocHNzDFX

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