Zend Studio 9.0.2发布

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Zend Studio是Zend Technologies开发的PHP语言集成开发环境(Integrated Development Environment IDE)。也支持HTML和js标签,但只对PHP语言提供调试支持。因为是同一个公司的产品,所以提供的Zend Framework方面的支持比其他软件好。

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Zend Studio 9 正式发布,主要包含以下更新:

    深度Zend Framework和Zend Server集成

This release contains bug fixes, performance optimization and improvements.
Zend Studio 9.0.2 is the fastest release up-to-date, with a dozen important 
performance fixes to the PHP and JavaScript source editors. More than 30 
customer reports and improvements have been fixed.
 * Improved JavaScript jQuery support enables users to get better results with 
   content assist, code inspection and hyperlinks, as well as jQuery 
   documentation (1.7 version)
 * A new workflow has been added for developers to quickly learn the new 
   capabilities of PHP 5.4, including source code editing, CLI script execution, 
   remote debugging and apps deployment
 * Zend Studio 9.0.2 comes with a new built-in support tool that generates 
   information to our Support team (on demand), and a report usage data 
   collection tool that will allow us to understand user-experience and the 
   way in which people use our product (has to be approved by the user first)
 * Several external components like Symfony, ZenCoding, VMWare, Amazon tools have 
   been updated

Bug Fixes:
 * Several issues with IBM i Content Assist
 * When updating Zend Framework version the behavior was inconsistent
 * PHP 5.3 list of deprecated functions was not up to date
 * Content Assist was not available for 'instanceof' used with a root 
   namespace class
 * Variables were marked as undefined, if they were defined in a separate file
 * Renaming method parameters did not update phpDoc correctly
 * Editing behavior was wrong in function parameter hints
 * New Class wizard did not update namespace on manual path edit
 * New Class wizard was inserting bogus namespaces in the existing files
 * PHPUnit tests could not be launched for a folder in a Zend Framework project
 * Generating phpDoc block by the New Class wizard was broken
 * The "Auto generate" checkbox was not functional in the Debug 
   Configurations dialog
 * Formatting of an extracted variable was wrong
 * Formatter was breaking code when arrays included comments
 * Code generation was wrong for namespaced interfaces
 * phpDoc block was not created for the constructor in the New Class wizard
 * Namespace field was available for a PHP 5.2 project in the New Interface 
 * Formatting of phpDoc for classes/interfaces was wrong
 * Several issues with Preview area in Formatter settings dialog
 * Trial/Registration screen was broken after the update from 9.0.0 to 9.0.1
 * Class/interface signature was incorrect, if extended class/interface 
   is already imported
 * Constructor comment did not have @param tags
 * Generated constructor did not keep arguments type
 * Class constructor did not have arguments, while its parent had them
 * New Class wizard did not add the 'require_once' statement in an 
   existing file
 * Opening Local PHP Project wizard provoked Not Responding status for
   about 15 sec.
 * Getter/Setter generated comments were badly formatted
 * Running multiple unit tests in a Zend Framework project was not possible
 * Content Assist was not available for the jQuery selector in $("|")
 * PHPCloud - a broken instance was blocking good instances from proper 
 * Addition of duplicate targets was possible
 * Exporting the project to .zpk created two 'scripts' directories
 * Zend Studio was not responsive for several minutes when adding a target 
   on my.phpcloud.com
 * jQuery and JavaScript Content Assist - multiple fixes
 * Formatting was introducing code errors
 * The Inspect action during debugging was leading to an exception
 * Exception was thrown when creating/importing PHP 5.2 projects
 * "Invalid thread access" exception was thrown during file search
 * Copy/Paste was changing line endings
 * Copy/Paste was breaking certain blocks of code (closing '}' was lost)
 * Content Assist provoked "String Index Out Of Bounds" exception in 
   "use" statement
 * Ctrl+Click on a jQuery resource opened a dialog with an error
 * Content Assist did not suggest the trait name after "use"
 * When creating a project with Deployment support, a no-name builder was added
 * Adding Deployment support in a project with existing tests did not add 
   PHPUnit test case file to deployment.properties
 * In PHP Editor "Adjust indentation" was not consistent with Formatter behavior
 * Connecting to VMWare was not possible

 * After selecting CLI Application in Launch page, there was no option to 
   run scripts
 * New menu Help | Support Tool added
 * Zend Studio caching behavior with external files
 * Zend SDK - added CLI options for repository management (Zend SDK)
 * Documentation improvements, including broken links fixes
 * Namespace field is now checked for invalid values in the New Class wizard
 * PHP Editor performance improved, especially when working with big files
 * Adding index.php to new projects is now configurable with the directive 
   com.zend.php.ide.ui.generateSource=false/true in <Zend Studio>/configuration/config.ini
 * DBUnit extension was added to the built-in PHPUnit library
 * Trial period restarts for minor versions
 * Upgrade jQuery to version 1.7.1
 * PHP 5.4 is now available as add-on component
 * Added SQLite3 classes and constants to PHP 5.3

Known Issues:
 * Issue launching Zend Studio 9.0 Help (Help > Help Contents) on Windows 
   with Internet Explorer 9. 
   As a workaround select 'Window' | 'Preferences' from the main menu,
   navigate to the 'Help' node and select 'In an external browser' in the 
   'Open help contents' drop-box.
 * Several issues reported when installing Zend Toolbar on Linux Ubuntu and
   Fedora with Mozilla Firefox browser.
   As a workaround download and install the browser extension from:

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