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List of Chrome URLs

  • chrome://appcache-internals – Information about appcached sites, including how much space they use.
  • chrome://blob-internals – Displays analytics about blobs (Binary large objects)
  • chrome://bookmarks – Opens the browser’s bookmarks manager
  • chrome://cache – Displays all cached items, websites, images and scripts
  • chrome://chrome-urls – Displays this list. Can also be loaded with Chrome://About
  • chrome://crashes – A list of all recent crashes. Only available if you enable crash reporting first
  • chrome://credits – Technologies that are included in the browser, their licenses, and who has created them
  • chrome://dns – If prefetching is enabled, then information about the prefetching is displayed here
  • chrome://downloads – The browser’s download manager listing all past downloads
  • chrome://extensions – Displays the installed extensions
  • chrome://flags – Displays experimental features that may or may not be integrated into the browser at one time or the other
  • chrome://flash – Detailed information about Chrome’s Flash integration
  • chrome://gpu-internals – Information about the video card and supported features, e.g. hardware acceleration
  • chrome://history – Opens the browsing history page with options to clear the browsing history or look through it to find a page that you have opened in the past.
  • chrome://ipc – Information about Chrome’s inter process communication
  • chrome://inspect – Option to inspect elements, such as pages or extensions in Chrome
  • chrome://media-internals – Displays media information when you play media
  • chrome://memory – Displays the browsers processes, and the memory usage of all web browsers opened on the computer


  • chrome://nacl – Information about Chrome’s NaCl plugin (Native Client)
  • chrome://net-internals – Displays detailed network and connection related information, including SPDY connections, sockets or dns lookups
  • chrome://view-http-cache – Displays web pages that you have accessed, or were accessed while you were browsing on the Internet.
  • chrome://newtab – Displays the new tab page
  • chrome://omnibox – Display address bar input results on this page, includes search, shortcuts and history information in the results
  • chrome://plugins – Lists all plug-ins and their status
  • chrome://policy – All policies that are currently active in the browser
  • chrome://predictors – A list of auto complete and resource prefetch predictors based on past activities
  • chrome://profiler
  • chrome://quota-internals – Information about free disk space available for the Chrome profile directory, and usage and quota details
  • chrome://settings – Opens the main Chrome Settings’ page.
  • chrome://stats – You need to run Chrome with --enable-stats-table for statistics to show up on this page. If you do not, the page is empty
  • chrome://sync-internals – Detailed information about the browser’s synchronization feature if enabled.
  • chrome://terms – Google Chrome’s Terms of Service
  • chrome://tracing – Recording needs to be activated before the page gets filled with information. Once you do, the browser will start to record your browsing activity
  • chrome://version – Displays the browsers version and various related information, including command line switches, user agent, JavaScript, Flash and WebKit versions, as well as path variables
  • chrome://conflicts – A list of all modules loaded into the main process and modules registered to load at a later point
  • chrome://print – The print preview page

And then we have the following pages listed for debug purposes only.

  • chrome://crash – Simulates a crash caused by the current tab
  • chrome://kill – Kills the current tab in the browser and displays a “killed” page instead
  • chrome://hang – Simulates a frozen browser
  • chrome://shorthang – Simulates a browser that hangs for a moment
  • chrome://gpuclean
  • chrome://gpucrash – Simulates a crash of the gpu
  • chrome://gpuhang – Simulates a frozen gpu

The following page is not listed on the chrome://chrome-urls page:

  • chrome://histograms - Histogram related information
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