GCC 4.7.2发布

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GCC 4.7.2 has been released with fixes for regressions and serious bugs on GCC 4.7.

The GCC 4.7.2 point release isn’t particularly exciting, but does present a number of fixes for users of the 4.7 version of the GNU Compiler Collection. There’s over 70 bug-fixes as part of this latest release.

There’s also ABI fixes as part of GCC 4.7.2 so there is some incompatibilities for code using C++11 templates. The incompatibility is with GCC 4.7.0/4.7.1 but should restore binary interface compatibility with GCC 4.6 and earlier.

More details on GCC 4.7.2 can be found via the GCC release announcement.

The GNU Compiler Collection version 4.7.2 has been released.

GCC 4.7.2 is the first bug-fix release containing important fixes                                                                                
for regressions and serious bugs in GCC 4.7.1 with over 70 bugs                                                                                  
fixed since the previous release.  This release is available from                                                                                
the FTP servers listed at:                                                                                                                       


A notable change in GCC 4.7.2 compared to 4.7.1 are ABI bug fixes
related to some C++11 templates (std::list and std::pair).  As a result,
code using those templates in C++11 mode is again ABI compatible with
code in C++03/C++98 mode or C++11 mode of GCC 4.6 and earlier, but might
be ABI incompatible with code compiled by GCC 4.7.1 or 4.7.0 in C++11
mode.  See http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.7/changes.html for more details.

Please do not contact me directly regarding questions or comments                                                                                
about this release.  Instead, use the resources available from                                                                                   

As always, a vast number of people contributed to this GCC release                                                                               
-- far too many to thank them individually!
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