Thunderbird 15.0.1发布

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Mozilla has just released an update for the email client Thunderbird that brings the version of the program to 15.0.1. An update shortly after a release, the Thunderbird 15.0 release dates back two weeks, is usually an indication of a bug  in the release that is causing issues for many of the program’s users.

It is not uncommon that Mozilla has to push out updates shortly after a release. This just happened a few days ago when the company released Firefox 15.0.1, an update for the web browser that resolved a issue with the private browsing mode that did not work properly anymore.

The Thunderbird 15.0.1 on the other hand has nothing to do with that. The release notes list two issues that have been fixed in the new version. The fist addresses stability issues in the client when searching or forwarding emails, the second a fix for the find and replace feature and several other actions in the compose window that did not work properly in Thunderbird 15.0.

  • Stability issues causing crashes when searching emails and forwarding emails (770262,780908)
  • Find and replace and some other actions in the compose window were not working correctly (787673)

The links point to Bugzilla where additional information about each issue are available. Existing Thunderbird users should get update notifications when they start up the email client the next time. It is alternatively possible to click on Help > About Thunderbird to check for updates manually. Thunderbird should pick up the update then and install it automatically on the system.

thunderbird 15.0.1

New users and Thunderbird users who prefer to download the new versions from Mozilla can do so on this page on the official website.  The update is as usual available for all supported operating systems, Windows, Linux and Mac, and interface languages.

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