Wine 1.5.13发布

On 2012年09月16日, in soft, by netoearth

Wine 1.5.13 was released on Friday afternoon with a few prominent new features.

The official Wine 1.5.13 highlights according to the official notes on include:

– Client-side window rendering using the DIB engine.
– Raw input support for keyboard and mouse.
– Support for transparent window areas using color keying.
– Proper C++ RTTI support on 64-bit.
– Implementation of logical processor information.
– Support for fonts with localized names.
– Various bug fixes.

The most prominent changes from my perspective for this release is Wine now providing support for raw input with keyboards and mice, transparent window areas, and client-side window rendering with the DIB engine.

For those interested, new releases of Wine continue to be benchmarked on

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