BoxCryptor 1.4发布

On 2012年10月16日, in soft, by netoearth

We are happy to announce that a new BoxCryptor for Windows version is available!

Besides some smaller improvements concerning the performance when the BoxCryptor Drive is located on a remote storage (e.g. on a network or WebDAV) we also added some other features and fixed some problems: 

– BoxCryptor is now able to show the original, encrypted file: If you right-click on the BoxCryptor Drive, you can choose “Show encrypted file/folder” in the context menu and a new window with the encrypted file opens

– BoxCryptor now detects if Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive is installed – this simplyfies the installation process

– New Application password: In the Advanced View Settings you can enter a password to secure the whole application

– Filename encryption can be enabled/disabled on existing BoxCryptor Folders

– BoxCryptor Drives are only available for the current user (other users on the same computer will not be able to see and access the BoxCryptor Drive anymore)

You can find a list of all changes in our changelog here and here.

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