Dropbox 1.6.0发布

On 2012年11月19日, in soft, by netoearth

The Dropbox user base broke the 100 million mark recently, which not only highlights how successful and popular Dropbox really is, but also that you do not have to have the backing of Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Apple to be successful in the online world.

There are still things that can be improved, like an option to sync any folder on the drive and not just those inside the Dropbox root folder, an option to remotely purge folders, or one to make storage pricing more affordable. All in all though it is a service that simply works very well for the majority of computer users.

Dropbox has released a new version of the desktop client yesterday, bringing the version of the software to 1.6.0 The following changes have found their way into the new program version:

  • Translations for Italian and Iberian Spanish
  • New icons! (Retina support!)
  • New Mac installer (just double click!)
  • Faster startup time for Mac users with lots of files
  • Improved web login from client
  • Improved performance through use of Python 2.7

Mac users benefit from faster startup times if they host lots of files on Dropbox. The overall performance has been improved thanks to Python 2.7, and while I can’t really notice a difference to before, users on less-powerful hardware might making this a welcome change. Italian and Spanish users can now use the program in Italian or Spanish which should also be helpful to increase the foothold in these countries.

The new client is being rolled out automatically. You can download Dropbox 1.6.0 from the official website if your system has not picked up the new version of the client yet. Just run the installer after the download to perform the upgrade to version 1.6.0 from whatever version of the client you have been running before.

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