Apache Lucene 3.6.2 发布

On 2012年12月26日, in soft, by netoearth

Apache Lucene 3.6.2 发布了,这是一个 bugfix 版本,同时也有一些优化和提升,值得关注的有:

  • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when the in-memory terms index requires more than 2.1GB of RAM (billions of terms).
  • Fixed a bug in contrib/queryparser’s parsing of boolean queries.
  • Fixed BooleanScorer2 to return the correct freq() when using the scorer visitor API.
  • Fixed IndexWriter RAM accounting bug that would cause it to flush too early when using many different field names.
  • Several other minor bugfixes: scoring bugs when using a custom coord(), a rare IndexWriter thread-safety issue, and fixes to the faceting and highlighting modules.
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