Apache Subversion 1.7.8 发布

On 2012年12月21日, in soft, by netoearth


2012-12-20发布Subversion 1.7.8。上一个版本是2012-10-09的1.7.7



Version 1.7.8
(17 Dec 2012, from /branches/1.7.x)


 User-visible changes
  - Client- and server-side bugfixes:
    * Fix typos in pt_BR, es and zh_TW translations (r1402417, r1402421)

  - Client-side bugfixes:
    * fix crash with --username option on Windows (r1396285)
    * add missing attributes to "svn log -v --xml" output (r1398100)
    * fix svn patch ignoring hunks after no trailing newline (r139917)
    * fix hang with ra_serf during error processing (r1403583)
    * ignore file externals with mergeinfo when merging (r1401915)
    * fix SEGV with "svnmucc cp rev arg" during argv processing (issue #4079)
    * fix conflict handling on symlinks (issue #4091)

  - Server-side bugfixes:
    * properly detect threading availability (r1398325)
    * fix "svnadmin load --bypass-prop-validation" (r1237779)
    * fix parsing of [groupsfoo] sections in authz file (issue #3531)
    * add Vary: header to GET responses to improve cacheability (r1390653)
    * fix fs_fs to cleanup after failed rep transmission (r1403964, et al)
    * fix mod_dav_svn to complain about revisions > HEAD (r1403588)

 Developer-visible changes:
  - General:
    * fix incorrect status returned by 1.6 API (r1403258)
    * fix compilation with g++ 4.7 (r1345740)
    * fix svn_uri_get_file_url_from_dirent on Windows (r1409146)


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