Blender 2.65发布

On 2012年12月12日, in soft, by netoearth

Version 2.65 of the Blender open-source modelling software was released today. This release fixes over 200 bugs while bringing stability improvements and new features.

The focus for Blender developers with the 2.65 release was mostly on making it “the most stable release in the 2.6 cycle yet”, which resulted in over 200 bugs being addressed. 

In addition to greater stability, Blender 2.65 features:

– Smoke simulator now supports fire, adaptive domains and interaction with moving objects.

– Cycles now has official Open Shading Language support and motion blur.

– Bevel tool has improved rounding.

– Decimate modifier now preserves UV coordinates and vertex colors.

Blender 2.65 is available for download from

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