GitLab 4.0发布

On 2012年12月25日, in soft, by netoearth

Hi everyone!

Finally we released GITLAB v4.0.0!

There are a lot of changes so we introduce you to the important one

Application behaviour changes:

  • New projects will be namespaced (ex. gitlab/vagrant )
  • Every group got own directory in gitolite
  • All projects of group will be moved under group directory ( git remote should be updated )
  • Projects w/o groups will stay with same remote
  • User got username ( For existsing users it will be generated based on email )
  • User create project under his username ( ex. randx/my-project )
  • User can change username. All projects under his username will be moved
  • Group got owner
  • Owner can create projects within group
  • Owner can access every project within a group
  • Admin can transfer any project from one namespace(group, user, global) to another
  • Group or user is a namespace for project. Owner of namespace is an owner of project

Other changes

  • Better PostgreSQL support
  • Added email notificatino on project move
  • Fixed email notification on issue close/reopen
  • Reorganized settings
  • Fixed commits compare
  • Update the UI to allow downloading Patch or Diff for Commit, MR
  • Milestones can be closed now. Milestone stays open unless you close it
  • Show comment events on dashboard
  • Quick add team members via group#people page
  • UI improvements
  • In admin area projects, users and groups sorted alphabetically
  • Issue management page on dashboard improved
  • Better integration with GitLab CI ( requires GitLab CI v1.1.1 )

What we removed in 4.0:

  • gitolite 2 support
  • SQLite support (I like it but this database got locked when several users use gitlab at once)
  • API v2 support (its simply incompatible with namespaced projects)

What should be updated during migration:

  • gitlab.yml config
  • gitolite post-receive hooks
  • permissions on /home/git/repositories/
  • python2 symlink


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