PostgreSQL 9.2.2/9.1.7/9.0.11/8.4.15 发布

On 2012年12月7日, in soft, by netoearth

PostgreSQL 发布了所有分支版本的更新,包括:9.2.2, 9.1.7, 9.0.11, 8.4.15, 和 8.3.22. 如果你正在使用 PG 的热备复制应该尽快在下次维护时升级。

该版本修复了一个显著的跟热备相关的页排序问题,该问题会导致在某些情况下索引损坏;该版本同时修复了某些情况下因为检查点和事务ID的时间问题导致数据损坏的问题;今天发布的更新同时修复了多个跟 CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY and DROP INDEX CONCURRENTLY 相关的问题,这些问题导致命令失败或者损坏索引,如果你使用了该特性应该使用 REINDEX 来重建受影响的索引。

此外这次更新还修复了 9.2 版本的一些 bug,主要包括:

  • Prevent psql crash due to incorrectly encoded input data
  • Fix pg_regress gmake build issues
  • Make sure correct directory is created for extensions
  • Fix some issues with buffer locks and VACUUM
  • Multiple fixes and improvements for pg_upgrade
  • Fix bugs with end-of-recovery when failing over to a standby
  • Avoid bogus “out-of-sequence timeline ID” errors in standby-mode
  • Don’t launch new child processes during shutdown
  • Improve the ability of JOINs to use partial indexes
  • Fix assorted integer overflow errors
  • Eliminate memory leaks in record_out() and record_send()
  • Skip searching for subtransaction logs at COMMIT
  • Fix WaitLatch() timing issues
  • Fix handling of inherited check constraints in ALTER COLUMN TYPE
  • Make ALTER EXTENSION SET SCHEMA behave as documented
  • Have SEQUENCE SET statements in the “data” section of sectional dumps
  • Prevent parser from believing that VIEWs have system columns
  • Fix –clean mode for pg_dump
  • Prevent hash table corruption on out-of-memory
  • Various query planner and executor fixes and improvements
  • Multiple documentation updates
  • DST updates for seven timezones

PostgreSQL 8.3 将于 2013年2月结束生命周期,使用该版本的用户应该尽快升级。


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