Puppet 3.0.2 发布

On 2012年12月27日, in soft, by netoearth

Puppet,是基于Ruby的一个工具,您可以集中管理每一个重要方面,您的系统使用的是跨平台的规范语言,管理所有的单独的元素通常聚集在不同的文件,如用户, CRON作业,和主机一起显然离散元素,如包装,服务和文件。


集中式系统管理工具Puppet发布3.0.2。2012-12-26。上个版本是2012-10-18的3.0.1 .其他产品线还是2012-11-19的2.7.20和2012-07-10的2.6.17 经过3个RC 只是简单的Bug修正版.


Bug #6631: Update SUSE .spec and .init files
Bug #8612: exec “creates” param in doc example wrong
Bug #10963: Collected resources with a puppet master fail on Ruby 1.9.x
Bug #12670: file Type docs vague with respect to package provider
Bug #12833: Password property for User type is broke in OS X 10.8
Bug #15513: Resource type ‘cron’ fails with ‘target’ parameter
Bug #15929: launchd service provider can’t handle malformed plists
Bug #16178: Boolean false in a variable causes the puppet backend lookup to fail
Bug #16488: puppet kick has option –puppetport but this is not documented
Bug #16728: puppet agent –verbose has lost notice tag
Bug #17007: execute method has different semantics in 3.0
Bug #17158: Make file dealing with overwriting symlinks a little clearer
Bug #17294: Fix empty file lib/puppet/provider/interface/base.rb
Bug #17361: Daemon forking for catalog run disabled by code merge
Bug #17445: Race condition in logrotate config makes puppet agent crash.
Bug #17447: Puppet sysv init script faulty
Bug #17488: Puppet needlessly crashes when run unptivileged even with –noop
Bug #17492: The parse_global_options method in lib/puppet/settings.rb doesn’t properly find the index position for the run_mode argument.
Bug #17554: runinterval ignored on Windows
Bug #17624: Puppet 3.0.1 on OSX 10.6.8 Launchd Fails Service Refresh
Bug #17853: install.rb can’t be run outside the source root
Bug #17856: hasrestart defaults to false, but the doc says it defaults to true
Bug #18046: windows 3.0.1 msi package has broken batch scripts
Bug #18047: Puppet 3 doesn’t run in non-elevated context on Windows


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