System Explorer 4.0发布

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System Explorer 4.0 is available as a portable version or a  version that needs to be installed. The functionality remains the same and the only difference is that the portable version does not register any services or files on the system.

The program at its core is a task manager replacement for the Windows operating system. It performs a scan of all running processes on first start to make sure nothing malicious is running in the background.

system explorer 4.0

The security scan option is listed in the program interface as well so that you can run it again at any time if you want to. The main interface lists Tasks, Processes, Performance and History in tabs by default, with options to add other information such as network connections, users, autoruns or opened files in tabs as well.

Each tab displays lots of information. The performance tab for instance displays the top process in regards to cpu and ram/swap use, the core usage, total RAM use, I/O reads, writes and a lot more.

system explorer processes

What I particularly like about the program is that you can send any process or task running on the system to Virustotal or Virusscan, Google, or a file online database. The first two options scan the file with dozens of antivirus engines, the second options reveal additional information about the file.

Other options include opening the directory of a process on the system, changing process affinities and priorities, ending and restarting processes, or configuring all auto start entries on the system.

System Explorer 4.0 introduces the following new features:

  • Re-worked color themes to improve the readability of information on the screen when used.
  • Performance section has been updated as you can see above.
  • Improved networking section with additional statistics. More information are tracked, and statistics about data sent and received as well as other information can now easily be accessed in the module.
  • Disk and network usage statistics are now displayed in tasks and processes sections of the program. The information are hidden by default, to enable, check “Use Event Tracking for windows” in the Advanced options.
  • Lots of bug fixing.

System Explorer gets better and better with every release of the program. It is definitely one of the programs that should be on your system. (thanks Ilev)

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