Apache Traffic Server v3.2.4 发布

On 2013年01月26日, in soft, by netoearth

Apache Traffic Server v3.2.4 发布了,这主要是一个 bugfix 版本,修复了一些 SSL 相关的问题,此外还包括在 FreeBSD 上运行 ATS 能有更好的体验。建议用户升级。

Traffic Server 是一套快速、模块化的兼容 HTTP/1.1 的反向代理服务器,与 Nginx 和 Squid 类似,目前该项目已经转到 Apache 基金会。


The latest stable release of Apache Traffic Server is 3.2.4 (released on 2013-01-25). Following the Apache HTTPD model, stable Apache Traffic Server releases will be numbered with an even first decimal (e.g. 2.0, 3.12, etc), while unstable, developer focused releases will be numbered with an odd first number (e.g. 2.1, 3.21, etc). The second decimal will be used for releases containing bug fixes.

When downloading from a mirror, please be sure to verify the checksums and OpenPGP compatible signature. You can also browse through all releases and checksum signatures.

Current (stable) Release — 3.2.4

Apache Traffic Server 3.2.4 was released on Januar 25, 2013. [PGP] [MD5] [SHA1]

Traffic Server 3.2.4

This is a bug-fix release, but we’ve also made a number of improvements, in particular on FreeBSD.

If you are upgrading from the previous stable releases (v3.0.x), please see these instructions.


  • [TS-1430] – 3.2.x – ATS 3.2 fails to build from source
  • [TS-1436] – Add Yahoo! directory layout to config.layout
  • [TS-1470] – 3.2.x – Large cache (> 16TB) not working?
  • [TS-1471] – 3.2.x – requiring SNI for SSL termination
  • [TS-1472] – 3.2.x – RAM cache stats looks wrong
  • [TS-1474] – 3.2.x – turn off SSL compression by default
  • [TS-1484] – SSL-crashed every now and then with 3.2.0 + SNI-fixes
  • [TS-1491] – Browser always prompts for authentication (NTLM)
  • [TS-1497] – 3.2.x – stats codes mess up when disk fail
  • [TS-1498] – 3.2.x – ATS 3.2 drops support for ARM
  • [TS-1514] – 3.2.x – WARNING: Could not set “x.x.x.x:8085″ as collation host
  • [TS-1536] – 3.2.x – SNI support breaks IP-based lookup
  • [TS-1575] – Range requests don’t work very well on 3.2.x
  • [TS-1651] – 3.2.x – raw disk cache disabled when system start
  • [TS-1652] – 3.2.x – mutexAllocator and netVCAllocator in-use count continually growing
  • [TS-1656] – 3.2.x – enable_read_while_writer not working in 3.2.0
  • [TS-1657] – 3.2.x – Traffic Cop doesn’t wait() for its children
  • [TS-1658] – 3.2.x – FreeBSD: Add raw disk support for the cache


  • [TS-1232] – Support unknown methods in HTTP requests
  • [TS-1522] – 3.2.x – improve Cluster purge & delete object (Miss) performance
  • [TS-1523] – 3.2.x – High CPU on *BSD
  • [TS-1524] – 3.2.x – fix signed/unsigned compilation issues in Vec
  • [TS-1585] – 3.2.x – plugins need memory barriers for ARM

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