FFmpeg 1.1 发布

On 2013年01月9日, in soft, by netoearth

Version 1.1 of the FFmpeg library was released today under the codename of Fire Flower.

FFmpeg 1.1 introduces several new encoders, decoders, demuxers, and various other new features to this open-source multimedia library. In particular, there’s the usual assortment of new encoders/decoders, muxers/demuxers, and filters. There’s even support for now building FFmpeg on the Plan 9 operating system. 

Here’s the key changes to FFmpeg 1.1 Fire Flower:


– Stream disposition information printing in ffprobe
– ffprobe -select_streams option
– Remove -same_quant, it hasn’t worked for years
– FFM2 support
– Support for building DLLs using MSVC
– ffescape tool
– Remove ffserver daemon mode
– New expansion syntax for drawtext
– ffprobe -show_entries option
– ffprobe -sections option
– SOX Resampler support in libswresample
– Resolution & pixel format change support with multithreading for H.264
– documentation split into per-component manuals
– Adobe and limelight publisher authentication in RTMP
– Data: URI scheme
– Support building on the Plan 9 operating system


– Kerndeint filter ported from MPlayer
– Histeq filter ported from VirtualDub
– pp (postproc) filter ported from MPlayer
– Aselect filter
– Apad filter
– Subtitles filter
– Field filter ported from libmpcodecs
– GEQ filter ported from libmpcodecs
– Filter for loudness analysis following EBU R128


– DTS-HD demuxer
– Metadata (INFO tag) support in WAV muxer
– Metadata (info chunk) support in CAF muxer
– LVF demuxer
– AVR demuxer
– AST muxer/demuxer
– BRSTM demuxer
– PVF demuxer
– IRCAM muxer/demuxer
– Paris Audio File demuxer
– Virtual concatenation demuxer
– VobSub demuxer
– Silicon Graphics Movie demuxer
– NIST Sphere demuxer
– MPL2, VPlayer, MPlayer, AQTitle, PJS and SubViewer v1 subtitles demuxers and decoders
– Sony Wave64 muxer


– Opus encoder using libopus
– Pinnacle TARGA CineWave YUV16 decoder
– TAK demuxer, decoder and parser
– X-Face image encoder and decoder
– 24-bit FLAC encoding
– Multi-channel ALAC encoding up to 7.1
– Subtitles raw text decoder
– BRender PIX image decoder
– ADPCM IMA Dialogic decoder
– Animated GIF decoder and demuxer
– JSON captions for TED talks decoding support
– SGI RLE 8-bit decoder
– Silicon Graphics Motion Video Compressor 1 & 2 decoder
– 012v decoder

This latest release can be fetched from FFmpeg.org.

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