Nagios 3.4.4 发布

On 2013年01月18日, in soft, by netoearth



2013-01-12发布3.4.4 上一个版本是2011-11-30的3.4.3 遗留稳定版是2011-07-25的3.3.1

完全改进:3.4.4 – 01/12/2013

* Reenabled check for newer versions of Nagios Core (Mike Guthrie)
* Fixed bug #408: service checks get duplicated on reload (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed bug #401: segmentation fault on Solaris when parsing unknown timeperiod directives. (Eric Stanley)
* Added NULL pointer checks to CGI code. (Eric Stanley)
* Fixed buffer overflow vulnerability in CGI code. Thanks to Neohapsis ( for finding this. (Eric Stanley)


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