PHP 5.4.11 和 PHP 5.3.21 发布

On 2013年01月18日, in soft, by netoearth

2013-01-17发布PHP 5.4.11/5.3.21 经过1个RC 上个版本是2012-12-20的5.4.10/5.3.20修正了超过10个Bug以及几个安全漏洞。

完全改进:17 Jan 2013, PHP 5.4.11

– Core:
. Fixed bug #63762 (Sigsegv when Exception::$trace is changed by user).
. Fixed bug #43177 (Errors in eval()’ed code produce status code 500).
(Todd Ruth, Stas).

– Filter:
. Fixed bug #63757 (getenv() produces memory leak with CGI SAPI). (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #54096 (FILTER_VALIDATE_INT does not accept +0 and -0).
(martin at divbyzero dot net, Lars)

. Fixed bug #63737 (json_decode does not properly decode with options
parameter). (Adam)

– CLI server
. Update list of common mime types. Added webm, ogv, ogg. (Lars,
pascalc at gmail dot com)

– cURL extension:
. Fixed bug (segfault due to libcurl connection caching). (Pierrick)
. Fixed bug #63859 (Memory leak when reusing curl-handle). (Pierrick)
. Fixed bug #63795 (CURL >= 7.28.0 no longer support value 1 for
. Fixed bug #63352 (Can’t enable hostname validation when using curl stream
wrappers). (Pierrick)
. Fixed bug #55438 (Curlwapper is not sending http header randomly).
(, Pierrick)


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