OpenVPN 2.3.0 发布

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OpenVPN 2.3.0发布。2013-01-08 上一个版本是2011-12-22的2.2.2 经过3个Alpha,1个Beta,2个RC。

OpenVPN 是一个基于 OpenSSL 库的应用层 VPN 实现。和传统 VPN 相比,它的优点是简单易用。

OpenVPN允许参与建立VPN的单点使用共享金钥,电子证书,或者用户名/密码来进行身份验证。它大量使用了OpenSSL加密库中的SSLv3/TLSv1 协议函式库。目前OpenVPN能在Solaris、Linux、OpenBSD、FreeBSD、NetBSD、Mac OS X与Windows 2000/XP/Vista上运行,并包含了许多安全性的功能。它并不是一个基于Web的VPN软件,也不与IPsec及其他VPN软件包兼容。


2.3.0新特性包括:§  Full IPv6 support
§  SSL layer modularised, enabling easier implementation for other SSL libraries
§  PolarSSL support as a drop-in replacement for OpenSSL
§  New plug-in API providing direct certificate access, improved logging API and easier to extend in the future
§  Added ‘dev_type’ environment variable to scripts and plug-ins – which is set to ‘TUN’ or ‘TAP’
§  New feature: –management-external-key – to provide access to the encryption keys via the management interface
§  New feature: –x509-track option, more fine grained access to X.509 fields in scripts and plug-ins
§  New feature: –client-nat support
§  New feature: –mark which can mark encrypted packets from the tunnel, suitable for more advanced routing and firewalling
§  New feature: –management-query-proxy – manage proxy settings via the management interface (supercedes –http-proxy-fallback)
§  New feature: –stale-routes-check, which cleans up the internal routing table
§  New feature: –x509-username-field, where other X.509v3 fields can be used for the authentication instead of Common Name
§  Improved client-kill management interface command
§  Improved UTF-8 support – and added –compat-names to provide backwards compatibility with older scripts/plug-ins
§  Improved auth-pam with COMMONNAME support, passing the certificate’s common name in the PAM conversation
§  More options can now be used inside <connection> blocks
§  Completely new build system, enabling easier cross-compilation and Windows builds
§  Much of the code has been better documented
§  Many documentation updates
§  Plenty of bug fixes and other code clean-ups

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