Redis 2.6.11 发布

On 2013年03月12日, in soft, by netoearth

Redis 是一个高性能的key-value数据库。 redis的出现,很大程度补偿了memcached这类keyvalue存储的不足,在部 分场合可以对关系数据库起到很好的补充作用。它提供了Python,Ruby,Erlang,PHP客户端,使用很方便。

2013-03-12 发布2.6.11。上个版本是2013-02-11的2.6.10。此版本降低了多实例下CPU的消耗,以及修正几个小Bug以及一些小增强改进。2.4遗留产品还是2.4.18。


--[ Redis 2.6.11 ]

UPGRADE URGENCY: LOW, however updating is encouraged if you have many instances
                 per server and you want to lower the CPU / energy usage.

* [BUGFIX]   Replication: more strict error checking for master PING reply.
* [BUGFIX]   redis-cli: use keepalive socket option for improved reliability.
* [BUGFIX]   Allow AUTH while loading the DB in memory.
* [BUGFIX]   Don't segfault on unbalanced quotes while parsing config file.
* [IMPROVED] serverCron() frequency is now a runtime parameter (was REDIS_HZ).
* [IMPROVED] Use a lot less CPU when idle, even with many configured DBs.


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