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SMPlayer is one of the two media players on my system that I use for all video related tasks (the other is VLC Media Player). Why two players? Because sometimes video files play better in one of the players. Anyway, SMPlayer has received an update yesterday that is bringing the version of the player to 0.8.4. Probably the biggest change in this release is the new update checker that informs users of the player automatically when a new version is released. You still have to download and install the new version manually though but you do not have to use the Help > Check for updates menu manually to see if there is a new version released.

Additional improvements and changes include a new option that enables you to select the frames per second (fps) for external subtitles, a rewrite of the video equalizer, support for encoding ISO-8859-16 for subtitles, and translations into Thai and Hebrew.

If you are installing the latest version of SMPlayer on your Windows system, either as a brand new installation or upgrade, you may be in for a surprise though.

You are taken to the following screen during installation. Express (recommended) is checked by default here, and if you click next, you will end with the “Smileys We Love” browser extension。

The toolbar adds smiley options to select chat applications including Facebook Chat and Google Talk. You can click on the smiley icon there to display a selection of images that you can add to the chat window.

smplayer adware

To prevent the installation switch to custom installation (advanced) and uncheck the Install Smileys We Love box there before you hit the next button.

The add-on, installed to Firefox only it seems, uses Superfish, a product search application that is included in several Firefox products, and adds “special offers and coupons” to the search results as well.


It is not changing the home page of the browser or the default search provider. You cannot uninstall the browser add-on from Windows’ Programs control panel applet as it is not displayed there as an entry. You need to load about:addons in Firefox and click on the remove button next to SmileysWeLove to remove it.

If you are using SMPlayer, pay attention to the installation dialog to make sure you only install components on your system that you intend to use.

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