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On 2013年04月7日, in soft, by netoearth

KeePass 2.22 was released just an hour ago featuring mainly integration and data exchange advancements and user interface improvements. That is not to say that the developer has not added new features to the program that some new and old users will find helpful.

keepass 2.22

Support for the import of third party password managers has been improved. KeePass can now import data from SafeWallet 3.0.4 and 3.0.5 XML files, TurboPasswords 5.0.1 CSV files, and improved LastPass CSV and Alle Maine Passworte imports. As far as LastPass is concerned, KeePass supports group trees now.

The new View > Grouping in Entry List mode offers a new way of sorting account lists in the password manager and the RoboForm HTML importer now converts urls automatically to lower case now.

The majority of changes and improvements found in KeePass 2.22 won’t affect the majority of users. Some who start to use the program and have used a different password manager previously may benefit from the new importing options in this version of the application though.

Existing KeePass 2.x users will receive the update notification the next time they open the program. It is still required to go to the official website to download the new version and install it manually though. To update, run the installer once you have downloaded it from the official website or unpack the portable version to the same directory the current version is stored in. It is still a mandatory update in my opinion even though it does not include any security or stability fixes, or enhancements that affect the majority of users of the program. You can check the release notes on this page.

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