MongoDB 2.4.2 发布

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NoSQL MongoDB 2.4.2发布. 2013-04-18 之前版本是2013-03-23发布的2.4.1。Add pool stats for ShardedConnection以及Bug修正 其他产品线2.2.4 2.0.9。

MongoDB是一个介于关系数据库和非关系数据库之间的产品, 是非关系数据库当中功能最丰富,最像关系数据库的。他支持的数据结构非常松散,是类似json的bjson格式,因此可以存储比较复杂的数据类型。 Mongo最大的特点是他支持的查询语言非常强大,其语法有点类似于面向对象的查询语言,几乎可以实现类似关系数据库单表查询的绝大部分功能,而且还支持 对数据建立索引。


  • 面向集合存储,易存储对象类型的数据。
  • 模式自由。
  • 支持动态查询。
  • 支持完全索引,包含内部对象。
  • 支持查询。
  • 支持复制和故障恢复。
  • 使用高效的二进制数据存储,包括大型对象(如视频等)。
  • 自动处理碎片,以支持云计算层次的扩展性
  • 支持RUBY,PYTHON,JAVA,C++,PHP等多种语言。
  • 文件存储格式为BSON(一种JSON的扩展)
  • 可通过网络访问



  • [SERVER-8720] – Memory leak in DBClientReplicaSet::slaveConn
  • [SERVER-8799] – Sort or Find on Symbol data type throws exception
  • [SERVER-8984] – DBClientInterface::getLastError should test for command failures
  • [SERVER-8999] – Searches on partitioned text indexes return no results if “language” is specified
  • [SERVER-9014] – Mongod and mongos crash induced by many concurrent invocations of the getnonce command.
  • [SERVER-9027] – Using DBRef as shard key not working anymore in 2.2.0+
  • [SERVER-9029] – Duplicate users in system.users causes problem with 2.4.x upgrade
  • [SERVER-9047] – warning: failed to read from /proc/self/numa_maps: errno:2 No such file or directory
  • [SERVER-9050] – configsvr + getLastError w:1 should not return norepl error, just note
  • [SERVER-9053] – TTL index asserts on 2.4 secondary
  • [SERVER-9054] – Update with new format for addUser()
  • [SERVER-9061] – Mongostat 2.4 segfaults when called with multiple hosts and auth
  • [SERVER-9062] – mongod crashes when creating a “2dsphere” index on a large (~10 million docs) collection.
  • [SERVER-9066] – Field names can be repeated in JavaScript when the same value is set multiple times
  • [SERVER-9082] – JSON parser doesn’t accept simple DBRef $id values, like ints or strings
  • [SERVER-9085] – db.replSetInfo() issue with converting OpTimes to seconds
  • [SERVER-9088] – printjson/printjsononeline JS helpers may attempt to access the ‘DB’ object (even if it doesn’t exist)
  • [SERVER-9124] – Avoid raw pointers for SM’s nativeHelper
  • [SERVER-9125] – Unable to upgrade config metadata from v3 to v4 – 13127 getMore: cursor didn’t exist on server, possible restart or timeout?
  • [SERVER-9139] – cursor leak in mongos of unsharded cursors
  • [SERVER-9182] – mongorestore won’t restore manually edited .metadata.json file if user editor adds trailing newline
  • [SERVER-9213] – Resource constraints cause premature OOM and segfault
  • [SERVER-9228] – s2cursor can return dups when it yields
  • [SERVER-9229] – Windows 32bit failing intermittently on migrateBig.js
  • [SERVER-9230] – v8 ObjectTracker isn’t tracking uncollected objects
  • [SERVER-9251] – “Extra” fields added to lazy BSON V8 objects not order preserving
  • [SERVER-9267] – Issues with readonly BSON in v8
  • [SERVER-9311] – replsetprio1.js failing consistently on Solaris in v2.4 branch


  • [SERVER-7271] – On transient config server failure, mongod should not abort
  • [SERVER-8819] – Add round trip unit jstest framework for 10gen custom types in javascript interpreter
  • [SERVER-8983] – Add error code for authentication fails – especially important for auditing products
  • [SERVER-9003] – Display replica set chaining topology in rs.status()
  • [SERVER-9022] – Enable mongos mode which releases ShardConnections to the pool after read ops
  • [SERVER-9174] – Race condition on read_pref_rs_client.js after reconfig.
  • [SERVER-9185] – Add GC Prologue and Epilogue heap stats
  • [SERVER-9312] – sharding_migrateBigObject.js longer timeout for slow machines

New Feature

  • [SERVER-6991] – Add pool stats for ShardedConnection






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