MongoDB 2.4.4 发布

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MongoDB 2.4.4发布. 2013-06-04 之前版本是2013-04-24发布的2.4.3。修正大量bug以及几个增强。 其他产品线2.2.4 2.0.9 开发版2.5.0。

MongoDB是一个介于关系数据库和非关系数据库之间的产品, 是非关系数据库当中功能最丰富,最像关系数据库的。他支持的数据结构非常松散,是类似json的bjson格式,因此可以存储比较复杂的数据类型。 Mongo最大的特点是他支持的查询语言非常强大,其语法有点类似于面向对象的查询语言,几乎可以实现类似关系数据库单表查询的绝大部分功能,而且还支持 对数据建立索引。


  • 面向集合存储,易存储对象类型的数据。
  • 模式自由。
  • 支持动态查询。
  • 支持完全索引,包含内部对象。
  • 支持查询。
  • 支持复制和故障恢复。
  • 使用高效的二进制数据存储,包括大型对象(如视频等)。
  • 自动处理碎片,以支持云计算层次的扩展性
  • 支持RUBY,PYTHON,JAVA,C++,PHP等多种语言。
  • 文件存储格式为BSON(一种JSON的扩展)
  • 可通过网络访问



  • [SERVER-6947] – db.createCollection creates undefined fields which cause mongorestore to fail
  • [SERVER-7424] – Shell trims multiple whitespace characters in strings when displaying (data not affected)
  • [SERVER-7588] – mongo shell ISODate return bug
  • [SERVER-7892] – JS (v8) doesn’t indent
  • [SERVER-8741] – mrShardedOutput.js failing on multiple platforms – ensure transferMods after commit
  • [SERVER-9242] – serverStatus workingSet and indexCounters not working on Windows
  • [SERVER-9260] – Race in hash_presplit.js
  • [SERVER-9315] – local.slaves is not correctly maintained in authenticated system.
  • [SERVER-9333] – WriteConcern with tags>2 say the write timedout, when it didn’t
  • [SERVER-9339] – rollback files missing after rollback
  • [SERVER-9401] – GeoJSON Parser: Can’t extract geo keys from object, malformed geometry?
  • [SERVER-9417] – opReplicatedEnough should assert on step down
  • [SERVER-9448] – Read-only receivers in MapReduce code cause modifications to be silently ignored
  • [SERVER-9484] – 2dsphere Index may not return all documents for $near and geoNear
  • [SERVER-9491] – Upper chunk key not written properly to the log in some places
  • [SERVER-9502] – Using regex in _id breaks replication
  • [SERVER-9528] – Retry network errors during initial sync document copies
  • [SERVER-9538] – mongodb 2.4.3 crash : BufBuilder attempted to grow() to 134217728 bytes, past the 64MB limit
  • [SERVER-9542] – Incorrectly coded chunk/shard version comparison
  • [SERVER-9578] – mongos dies on SIGUSR1 instead of rotating logs
  • [SERVER-9618] – server8070.js failing intermittently across OS X builders
  • [SERVER-9621] – closeall.js failing on new windows 32-bit builder
  • [SERVER-9638] – no_empty_reset.js failing
  • [SERVER-9647] – Query using compound 2dsphere index with additional descending field can block indefinitely
  • [SERVER-9649] – No public role grants writebacksQueued
  • [SERVER-9658] – Reduce frequency of debug message “we think data is in ram”
  • [SERVER-9661] – config upgrade fails if collection missing “key” field
  • [SERVER-9683] – replsetprio1.js failing
  • [SERVER-9694] – stepdown3.js failing on SSL special builder
  • [SERVER-9695] – Couldn’t kill $where op in features3.js on RHEL 32
  • [SERVER-9702] – drop2.js failing under sharding_passthrough
  • [SERVER-9718] – authCommands.js waits too short a time for migrations
  • [SERVER-9719] – sharding_multiple_ns_rs.js use wait logic instead of sleep to make sure new primary is online
  • [SERVER-9720] – return_partial_shards_down.js turn off balancer before manual chunk moves
  • [SERVER-9721] – Performance regression in Windows build
  • [SERVER-9730] – Asymmetrical network partition can cause the election of two PRIMARY nodes


  • [SERVER-4739] – Race condition in log rotation (was: SIGUSR1 should set a flag rather than doing rotation)
  • [SERVER-9636] – Display chunk version, not memory address, in non-default log line


  • [SERVER-8813] – Migrate to Cyrus SASL2 library for sasl authentication.


  • [SERVER-8066] – mongorestore should ignore undefined options




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