PostgreSQL 9.3 Beta 2 发布

On 2013年06月29日, in soft, by netoearth

PostgreSQL 9.3 发布第二个 Beta 版本,与 Beta1 比较,该版本主要是 bug 的修复,包括:

  • prevent xid gaps in Hot Standby startup
  • prevent insertion deadlocks with SP-GiST indexes
  • add user-visible “updatable” flag for foreign tables and views
  • fix two issues with JSON and Unicode
  • make sure that pg_isready displays correct connection info
  • fix pg_dump dependancy order for EventTriggers
  • fix regression tests for postgres_fdw
  • fix pg_xlogdump -r
  • array_remove() no longer emits broken empty arrays
  • fix formatting of automatically generated recovery.conf file
  • simplify handling of crashes after fast failover
  • allow CREATE FOREIGN TABLE to include SERIAL columns
  • make the word “FOREIGN” optional in “ALTER TABLE”
  • translation updates merged
  • many documentation updates

完整的内容请看 release notes。此外 PostgreSQL 9.3 的新特性请看 9.3 Features Wiki Page.

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