Apache Traffic Server 4.2.1 发布

On 2014年04月30日, in soft, by netoearth

Apache Traffic Server 4.2.1 发布了,该版本主要是 bugfix。记录包括:

*) [TS-2624] Force CPU affinity to 0 to mimic previous behavior in 4.x branch and avoid regression.
*) [TS-2564] Fixup MIME presence bits and slot accelerators to recover from WKS_IDX changes, plus config to turn it off manually.
*) [TS-2654] Crash in Range requests with read-while-writer.
*) [TS-2674] Remove debug printf() from traffic_top.
*) [TS-2671] Restore missing .useflt remap directive.
*) [TS-2564] Revert field token ordering.

你可以在这里查看 Traffic Server 4.2.x 的改进说明

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