GNU Screen 4.2.1发布

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用于命令行终端切换的自由软件GNU Screen时隔六年发布了新版4.2.x,上个版本4.0.3还是在2008年8月发布的。4.2.0发布几天之后开发者又释出了修正bug的4.2.1。新版改进了布局、窗口组、鼠标支持、垂直分割、增加了一系列新的命令。更多可参考Changelog

Version 4.2.1 (28/04/2014):
  * allow for terminal with long $TERM (up to 32 characters)
  * allow to use long logins
  * documentation fixes
  * runtime fixes

Version 4.2.0 (17/04/2014):
  New Commands:
  * 'unbindall' to unbind all commands
  * 'up', 'down', 'left', 'right' sub-commands for 'focus'
  * 'rendition' to specify rendition to use in caption/hardstatus for
    window-names that have bell/monitor/silence/so turned on.
  * 'layout', with the following sub-commands
	- 'title'
	- 'number'
	- 'autosave' ('autosave on' or 'autosave off')
	- 'new'
	- 'save' ('save <name>')
	- 'select'
	- 'next'
	- 'prev'
	- 'attach'
	- 'show'
	- 'remove'
	- 'dump'
  * 'group' for moving window(s) into a group.
  * 'defmousetrack' and 'mousetrack', to turn on/off mouse-tracking for
    displays. It's turned off by default. With mouse-tracking turned on, it's
    possible to switch to a region ('focus') using mouse clicks. It's also
    possible to select a text region in copy-mode using a mouse click to place
    a mark and the scroll wheel to scroll through the buffer. Additional
    features might be to allow clicking on window-titles in the caption to
    switch to that window.
  * All commands prefixed '@' are treated as 'quiet', i.e. '@'-prefixed commands
    do not trigger any display messages.

  Changed Commands:
  * '-v' parameter to 'split' command for vertical splits.
  * 'sorendition' deprecated in favour of 'rendition so'.
  * 'digraph' can take a second parameter to specify custom digraphs. For
	'digraph >= ≥' or 'digraph >= U+2265'
    Using '0' as the second parameter will remove the digraph.
  * 'stuff' will prompt for input if there's nothing to stuff.
  * The argument to ":number" can be prefixed with '+' or '-' to use it as a
    relative argument.
  * '-g' parameter to 'windowlist' to show nested list of windows.
  * '//group' parameter to 'screen' to create a grouped window.
  * 'blankerprg' shows the currently set command on no argument.
  * 'maxwin' can now be used to increase the number of maximum windows.

  * $PID expands to the PID of the screen session.
  * $PWD expands to the current working directory of the session.
  * $STY expands to the session name.
  * Tilde-expansion in pathnames (e.g. for the 'source' command)
  * C-style escapes can be used (e.g. "\n" to get a newline with 'stuff')
  * '%p' in caption/hardstatus string expands to the PID of the backend, and
    '%+p' expands to the PID of the frontend (display).
  * '%S' in caption/hardstatus string expands to the session name.
  * '%P' in the caption string evaluates to true if the region is in copy mode.
  * '%E' in the caption string evaluates to true if the escape character has
    currently been pressed.

  Window List:
  * Nested views when there are window groups (with 'windowlist -g').
  * Press 'm' to toggle the most-recent view.
  * Press 'g' to toggle nestedness.
  * Press 'a' to view all windows in the list.
  * Press '/' to search in the list.
  * Press ',' and '.' to re-order windows in the list.
  * Press 'K' to kill a window (requires confirmation).

  Display List:
  * Press 'd' to detach a display, 'D' to power-detach.

  * Start using 'ChangeLog' for logging changes again.
  * Terminfo update for 256-color support.
  * Multiple input history (partially from Romain Francoise).
  * vi-like fFtT;, searching in copy mode.
  * In copy mode, search in reverse direction when 'N' is pressed.
  * Tab-completion for command input.
  * Some more readline-like bindings in input mode (e.g. ^W, ^D, ^P, ^N etc.)
  * Fix displaying unicode characters in the caption/hardstatus on UTF8 locale.
  * A revamped displays list (for 'displays' command)
  * Increased default maximum number of windows from 40 to 100.
  * Increased number color/attribute changes in caption/hardstatus string from 16 to 256.
  * Some commands can be remotely queried using the -Q command-line flag.

  * Scripting support (thanks to Google Summer of Code 2009 project by Rui Guo)

  * Juergen Weigert <>
  * Michael Schroeder <>
  * Micah Cowan <>
  * Sadrul Habib Chowdhury <>

  * Clavelito <>
  * Dick <>
  * Gabriel <>
  * Benjamin Andresen <>
  * Takeshi Banse <>
  * Maarten Billemont <>
  * Curtis Brown <>
  * Cyril Brulebois <>
  * Trent W Buck <>
  * Stephane Chazelas <>
  * Kees Cook <>
  * Thomas Dickey <>
  * Christian Ebert <>
  * Geraint Edwards <>
  * Romain Francoise <>
  * Alexander Gattin <>
  * Emanuele Giaquinta <>
  * Yi-Hsuan Hsin <>
  * Kipling Inscore <>
  * Chris Jones <>
  * Max Kalashnikov <>
  * Steve Kemp <>
  * Ryan Niebur <>
  * Jan Christoph Nordholz <>
  * William Pursell <>
  * Michael Scherer <>
  * Enrico Scholz <>
  * Peter Teichman <>
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