Docker 1.1.0 发布

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Docker 很高兴的宣布 1.1.0 版本发布了,提升了整个 Docker 的生态系统,包括更新了 Docker 引擎、Docker Hub 和文档。

Docker 1.1.0 值得关注的改进有:

新的 .dockerignore 功能

你可以添加一个 .dockerignore 文件到你的 `Dockerfile` , Docker 将会在发送构建上下文到守护进程时忽略在 .dockerignore 中指定的文件和目录。




你可以禁用该特性 docker commit --pause=false <container_id>.

Tailing logs

支持查看容器日志的最新内容,例如查看最新 10 行的日志: docker logs --tail 10 <container_id>. 你也可以使用 -f 参数来监控日志最新内容 docker logs --tail 0 -f <container_id>.

其实这个特性跟 Linux 下的 tail 是差不多的

允许 tar 文件作为 Docker 构建的上下文

你可以传递给 docker build 一个 tar 文件来作为上下文,用于自动化 docker build 过程,例如: cat context.tar | docker build - or docker run builder_image | docker build -


/ 现在允许作为 --volumes 的源。这意味着你可以在需要的时候绑定安装你的整个文件系统。例如 docker run -v /:/my_host ubuntu:ro ls /my_host. 不过不允许安装到 /.


  • Port allocation has been improved. In the previous release, Docker could prevent you from starting a container with previously allocated ports which seemed to be in use when in fact they were not. This has been fixed.
  • A bug in docker save was introduced in the last release. The docker save command could produce images with invalid metadata. The command now produces images with correct metadata.
  • Running docker inspect in a container now returns which containers it is linked to.
  • The docker commit flag has improved validation, to better prevent you from committing an image with a name such as  -m. Image names with dashes in them potentially conflict with command line flags.
  • The API now has Improved status codes for  start and stop. Trying to start a running container will now return a 304 error.
  • Performance has been improved overall. Starting the daemon is faster than in previous releases. The daemon’s performance has also been improved when it is working with large numbers of images and containers.
  • Fixed an issue with white-spaces and multi-lines in Dockerfiles.



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