VirtualBox 5.0.14 发布

On 2016年01月26日, in soft, by netoearth

VirtualBox 5.0.14 发布了!这个版本是个主要是问题修复的小版本。


  • GUI: properly limit the number of VCPUs to the number of physical cores on Mac OS X (bug #15018)

  • Audio: fixed a bug which prevented loading a saved state of a saved guests with HDA emulation (5.0.12 regression; bug #14981)

  • Audio: don’t crash if the backend is unable to initialize (bug #14960)

  • Audio: fixed audio capture on Mac OS X (bug #14386)

  • Storage: fixed a possible crash when attaching the same ISO image multiple times to the same VM (bug #14951)

  • BIOS: properly report if two floppy drives are attached

  • USB: fixed a problem with filters which would not capture the device under certain circumstances (5.0.10 regression; bug #15042)

  • ExtPack: black-list Extension Packs older than 4.3.30 due to incompatible changes not being properly handled in the past

  • Windows hosts: fixed a regression which caused robocopy to fail (bug #14958)

  • Linux hosts: properly create the /sbin/rcvboxdrv symbolic link (5.0.12 regression; bug #14989)

  • Mac OS X hosts: several fixes for USB on El Capitan (bug #14677)

  • Linux Additions: fixes for Linux 4.5 (bug #15032)


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